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Fish Tanks and Aquarium Supplies in Fort Wayne, IN


Whether you are an avid collector of aquatic life or you are a novice looking to buy your first aquarium, Broadway Aquatics has the best deals on everything you need. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our aquatic pet shop has a huge selection of aquarium tanks, and our expert staff provides aquarium maintenance and installation services.
In addition to the fish tanks, we also carry all the supplies you need to deck out your aquarium. These supplies include lighting, submersible heaters, filtration systems, and a large selection of filter parts.
Koi - Fish Tanks in Fort Wayne, US

Aquarium Varieties

Broadway Aquatics carries a number of aquariums from the most trusted and recognizable brands in the aquatic industry, like Marineland® and Aqueon®. Our aquariums range in size from 1 gallon to 200 gallons, and they come in standard glass or specially ordered acrylic.
We also carry hoods and covers, as well as stands made of either wood or wrought iron. Be sure to ask about our Tank-in-a-Box deal, which includes the tank, filtration heater, and hood. All aquarium warranties come with a manufacturer's guarantee that ranges from 90 days to a lifetime. Ask for details.

Filtration Systems

  • Back Filters
  • Internal Filters
  • Reef Sump Filters
  • Wet Dry Tickle Filters

Filtration Brands

  • AquaClear
  • Aqueon
  • Marineland
  • Pro Clear
  • Whisper

Aquarium Lighting

  • LED
  • Lighted Hoods and Covers
  • Regular Lights
  • T5 HO Light Systems

Submersible Heater Brands

  • Eheim Jager
  • Tetra

Aquarium Setup and Maintenance

Ask the wonderful staff at Broadway Aquatics for any assistance you need setting up or tearing down your aquarium. We specialize in installing and maintaining tanks for both residential and commercial customers, and we can customize a plan to fit your specific aquarium, terrarium, or pond needs.
For freshwater and saltwater setups, we will put the aquarium on the stand and properly install the heater, filtration, lighting, gravel, decor, water, and fish. Our maintenance services include:
  • Water Testing & Water Changing
  • Cleaning the Inside/Outside of the Tank
  • Cleaning or Replacing Filter Pads
  • Checking the Health of the Fish
Clown Fish - Fish Tanks in Fort Wayne, US

Aquarium Supplies

The best deals on high-quality aquarium supplies are available at Broadway Aquatics. Our aquatic pet shop has an extremely knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to help you find the items you are looking for.

Aquatic Pet Supplies

Our inventory of marine supplies has everything you need to keep your pets beautiful and healthy. We have effective medicines for bacterial, fungal, and paradisiac fish disease. Here you will find the best deals on both dry and frozen food from brand names you trust, such as:
  • Hikari
  • Marineland
  • TetraMin
  • Omega One
  • Spectrum

Aquarium Products

Ensure the environment of your aquarium always stays clean and looks vibrant! We carry live plants and plant fertilizers as well as both live sand and regular sand in white, brown, and black. We carry fluorescent and natural gravel in many different colors, and they are available in 5, 25, and 50-pound bags. We also offer RO water and salt water at discount rates.
Other popular additions for marine enthusiasts are LED bubble bars, as well as plastic, silk, and glow plants that range from 6 inches to 3 feet tall. These really add to the overall appearance and ambiance of your aquarium. Of course, no marine environment is complete without toys for the pets, and we have an excellent selection of resin decor that includes:
  • Caves & Tombs
  • Shipwrecks
  • Tree Trucks
  • Tree Trucks
  • Storm Pipes
  • Skeletons
  • Fluorescent Decorations
Blow Fish - Fish Tanks in Fort Wayne, US

Cleaning Products

  • Brushes
  • Water Changers
  • Gravel Vacs
  • Scrubby Pads
  • Cleaning Kits
  • Cleaning Brushes
For more information about our aquariums and supplies, call at 260-747-3514.